Low Fat pumpkin Streusel Coffee Cake!

 I recently came across this awesome Recipe on Simple Nourished Living. 

A low fat pumpkin coffee cake sounded delicious to me. I am so ready for fall so I decided to make this today!




This awesome recipe can found here!

Only 186 calories a slice!

I had mine with a cup of strong coffee in my fox mug!




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Interview With Cristina Rose

Interview With Cristina Rose


Cristina Rose, A personal friend and kindred spirit of mine is a self-taught artist who specializes in her beautiful watercolor paintings. She is also a knitter and writer working towards her psychology/holistic health major. She is a true believer in living a clean, healthy life, with copious amounts of tea and love. We met through our tumblrs and have become pen pals and good friends. She has been a great inspiration to me in all aspects.

On Her Blog You Will Find- bits + pieces of her life, her health and daily inspiration, ways of improving/cleansing health and conducting interview with people seeking to help, heal and inspire.




Where do You Find your Inspiration when wanting to create one of your paintings?

Hello! I think most of my inspiration genuinely comes from nature & dreams. Whether it’s forest creatures, sirens of greek myth, strange little dreams I have about hidden realms, I find endless inspiration in this. Books also played an important part; I was a very avid book reader as a child. And I have to thank my muses (whether they are people I know or in my mind)


What Do You Love About Watercolor?

I love its translucent, watery (ha) fluidness, I used to paint with oil and acrylic but I love watercolor because it took me the longest to understand, in a way it still teaches me: how to capture the light, how to play with shadows and color.


What is your favorite Subject to Paint/draw?

Right now, forest inhabitants and birds, plants, anything that tells a story and has symbolism


How Did You Get into painting and art?

I am not sure. I started from a very young age and never stopped, no one taught me but I only drew when I was younger (pen, ink, pencil) it wasn’t until Autumn of 2011 I really started playing and learning watercolor. My father (when I was a child) painted with acrylic but he did it for fun: solar systems and portraits.


Daily Life



What is a normal day for you?

It varies but since I am on summer break:

I wake up in the morning; make coffee, a green smoothie with a vitamin & mineral powder, breakfast. I run some errands write in my journal and answer emails (fall down the pinterest wagon)


I usually spend my mornings & afternoons painting or drawing using the good light. If not I’ll come up with concepts, read books for inspiration and write them down. I make big lunches and lose myself again on pinterest or some website/blogs that I love. Then I keep on making art or knit, write letters, go for a walk, tend to my garden, post something on instagram, blog lalalala


Though it always changes, sometimes I go out and don’t come back til nighttime, or if my health isn’t great that day, I take it easy, pop a movie in and get rest.



List a few of your favorite foods and drinks:

I love vegan food, and I cook a lot of my own food because I have food allergies, I love sandwiches, homemade pizzas, oatmeal and Mexican food. I drink a lot of teas, coffee and water throughout the day. If I am going out, I love Follow your Heart café, Flore Vegan, Native Foods café!


Do you have any Pets?

A shih tzu named Mimi, I’m her human!




Describe your favorite type of style/clothing to wear:

I love vintage, pieces & styles from the 1920-50s, but if I am just going to be at home paintings/creating I usually wear comfy tanks, flowy dresses, movable breathable things I can do yoga/be a mermaid in/stretch at ease in. I love dressing up though.


Do you have a favorite designer?

I love Rodarte, Galliano, Jovovich-Hawk (no longer a brand), Alexandra Grecco, Rachel Antonoff, Alexander McQueen, Dear Creatures, Pamela Love, Littledoe, Samantha Pleet, anything from Bonadrag!


In the Future


Are you currently working on any projects that have you very excited?


I am working on creating some décor pieces made out of cedar, quartz and feathers. I will call them light-catchers. I am working on some art pieces for Thistle Magazine (check Thistle out!) finishing up some hand knitted items for autumn/winter, and more jewelry pieces.


I go through periods of not creating things because I have to plan it out, see it, visualize it, write it down and then work from there, if my heart isn’t it in, I’m not happy. So I step back to recoup and sow the seeds and let it bloom.


What are you looking forward too?

Life. Love. Spending each moment doing something, learning, exploring


Fun Facts and info

1.List the last three books you’ve read:

The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

& I am currently reading Cats Eye by Margeret Atwood


2. Favorite t.v. shows:

I don’t watch too much t.v! but I like Perception, but I usually watch Twin Peaks , Charmed, Twilight Zone, Oddities or Buffy on Netflix.


3. Current Summer Tunes You can’t stop listening too:

Anything by the Civil Wars, Beach House, Lana Del Rey and Mazzy Star


4. Era you should have been born in:

After reading Dandelion Wine I wanted to live in the 1920’s in the Midwest (the book takes place in 1928) a time very different than now, of simple joys and nostalgia, I think the past fascinates me a lot because I don’t know what its like. What is it like to only visit your friends if you wanted to see them, or having only old time radio and no films? But, then I read the Story Sisters and made me wish I lived north (west/east doesn’t matter) with a garden and creating realms in this day & age, hopefully being able to invite my friends (like you) living in a 2 story house with attic, ordering takeout while painting on large canvases. I can never decide, I wish I could experience everything.

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new sketchy school has been insane


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February 18, 2013 · 10:28 pm


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bad sketch books and first world problems

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Another from recent


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February 6, 2013 · 5:37 am

Sketch A day!

I will hopefully be posting a Sketch a day!

here is the first


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